I’m Emily –

Wife. Mama. Entrepreneur.

Wedding planner.

Equity advocate.

Lover of Jesus, books, tea, people, new places, polkadots and the outside.

– and in awe of being able to use my gifts to serve the world.

Emily Berg Weddings

Meaningfully creative & strategically efficient weddings and celebrations for quirky couples.

The day I got married, my sweet mom ended up running through the halls of the church delivering bouquets and boutonnieres because the “coordinator” was nowhere to be found. I ensure that your wedding day will run as smoothly and feel as fun, relaxed, and meaningful as you’ve dreamed it would – surrounded by happy, non-stressed family and friends.

I also have a unique knack for combining quirky motifs (Grandma’s vintage glassware? Star Wars? Your embroidery hobby?) with traditional wedding elements in a way that perfectly balances beauty, meaningful details, and fun. Your people know your quirks, and love you for them – and they’ll be delighted to discover how we’ve sprinkled unique parts of who you are into the design of your celebration.

Where to Begin: Anti-Racism

Beginning and sustaining a life-long, contemplative anti-racism journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all the pictures?

Ah, good question.

First, most of what I do is behind the scenes and not especially cute. Sometimes I wish I had a photographer following me around, because otherwise you might not believe some of my wild stories! But for the most part, things like lighting candles and fixing wrong place settings and setting up seating charts and giving flower girls pep talks and sewing bridesmaids into their dresses don’t make for great photo ops. Also, as general a rule, if I’m in someone’s wedding photos, then I didn’t do my job well. In case you need evidence of all that, there’s a picture of me working below (because one of my besties is a wedding photographer and sometimes catches me in the act).

Secondly, and this is a little awkward, but sometimes I don’t necessarily want weddings that I coordinate to represent my business. Let me explain. Sometimes couples ask me for design advice, and sometimes they don’t; sometimes they ask and choose not to take that advice. Any of those options are fine with me, but that doesn’t mean that every wedding that benefits from my efficiency also benefits from my design skills. I do my best to make every wedding I participate in as beautiful as possible, but I’m not always given a lot to work with – or, what a couple chooses might just not represent the design style of Emily Berg Weddings. That’s totally fine; it does not mean, however, that all of my experience is represented by photos on my website. I would never want one couple’s specific wedding style and vision to turn another couple away because they think I only work inside of that box.

If you’re super-interested in photos of me working or other people’s weddings, check out the “Day In the Life” and “Weddings” highlights on my Instagram.

Thirdly, I refuse to use stock photos that I can’t take credit for. This means that any pictures I use in my business are from events that I can personally take credit for because I was personally and significantly involved. This isn’t always the case with wedding professionals, and I will not falsely represent myself using someone else’s work.

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Is there anything you don’t do?

YES. Thanks for asking!

I don’t do food service (busing tables, washing dishes, etc) – but I can find you great catering and wait-staff services!

I don’t do wild animals. I am not a park ranger – but I will call one, if necessary!

I don’t do excessive amounts of bodily fluids – but I do carry a First Aid kit!

I don’t change my boundaries for anyone. If I say no to something, you can know that it’s a firm no and the same no I give everyone else.

Otherwise, I will bend over backwards (sometimes literally!) to do what needs doing!

(For a more detailed list, check out your contract! Don’t have a contract yet? Let’s fix that!)