Vintage Onesto Wedding Photoshoot

The 70s, springtime, and happiness – with a sprinkle of Wes Anderson.

A bride in a vintage floral dress holding a bright bouquet at the Historic Onesto.
Adrienne Gerber Photography

March is a pretty rough time of year in Ohio. Aside from wanting to create my own sunshine in the midst of gray, gloomy days, I had two goals for this glorious collaboration day at the Historic Onesto Event Center.

A vintage table set with colorful spring flowers and glassware at the Historic Onesto in Canton.
Adrienne Gerber Photography

First: to work with and add to the beautiful color and history of the Historic Onesto in Canton.

Every wedding at the Onesto is beautiful, but most couples gravitate to soft neutral or green-and-white palettes. I wanted to bring some unique, personalized, FUN COLOR to one of my favorite spaces!

Carnation garlands at the Historic Onesto Event Center.
Adrienne Gerber Photography

Second: to show what a group of women-and-BIPOC small business owners can create together.

I couldn’t be happier with how this design turned out, or more grateful for a group of wedding professionals who, when I shared my vision with them – rather than thinking I was crazy – jumped right in and totally nailed it.

Enjoy some 70s-inspired spring sunshine!

Bride & Groom

Two hands, one black and one white, touching fingertips.
Adrienne Gerber Photography

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.

These two have been married for over 10 years, and it shows in the best possible way.

Candles and flowers at the Historic Onesto Event Center.
Adrienne Gerber Photography

Wedding photos at the Onesto wouldn’t be complete without making use of the former hotel’s historical details – or without a trip to the parking deck roof for glorious views of Canton!

The Details

Wedding paraphenalia on a brass tray at the Historic Onesto
Allie Sayre Photography
A vintage Hotel Onesto postcard.
Allie Sayre Photography

Wedding Vendor Dream Team

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