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Asking one of the most important questions of your life is going to be nerve-wracking as it is.

What you shouldn’t be nervous about? Whether or not your idea is a good one, whether or not your partner will feel loved and surprised, whether the climactic moment will be captured for posterity (and Instagram), and whether or not the plan will go off without a hitch.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to ensure you come up with a great plan that your partner will love, provide beautiful photos of a life-changing moment, and pull it all off as smoothly as possible.


Your relationship has progressed naturally to this point, and your proposal should feel natural – like an extension of who you each are, what your relationship has been, and true to the story of your life together.

We don’t want your proposal to feel contrived, but instead comfortable and resonating with who you are as a couple.


This is your proposal – not someone else’s, or a generic one – it’s yours, for your partner. It should be unique to you, your partner, your relationship and your story.

This means it might look vastly different from one you saw on Instagram, and might just be a little bit weird – because aren’t we all?

Your partner should feel special when you propose – that whatever you plan has been created specifically for them, and that they are the particular one with whom you want to spend your life. This is your story, your relationship, your a-little-bit-weird-love. Lean in to the uniqueness of who you are as a couple. Let’s create a moment to embrace and celebrate that.

The Process

First, request a booking by filling out our brief contact form.

Next, complete the in-depth relationship questionnaire and choose a package.

Then, we send you 2-3 customized proposal ideas, and we meet to create your proposal plan according to whichever package you’ve chosen.

All that’s left is to show up and pop the question!


Proposal Packages

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