Middle Eastern Wedding | Youngstown, OH

Sumer & Mohammed’s Classy Black & White Wedding

Sometimes I feel the weight of the beauty that’s been lost to the vacuum of white supremacy really deeply. 

This usually happens when I’m in the presence of thoughtful and joyful and poignant wedding traditions from cultures around the world. 

What traditions would I have carried on at my own wedding if my Irish and Italian and German ancestors hadn’t had to prove their whiteness by leaving their culture behind? White supremacy claims to benefit me as a White woman – but everyone loses something in this system, whether their actual lives, or just the color and variety that makes life more beautiful.

However – it also fills me with so much hope when couples choose to continue those traditions by making them an important part of their wedding day. There’s such a depth of heritage and family and community that’s bigger than just the couple pledging their lives to one another. 

I 10/10 cry in these situations – so don’t be alarmed, my heart is just full in the presence of beautiful culture prevailing over white supremacy.


Sumer and Mohammed planned the prettiest (DIY!), best party for their people. I love a good black and white wedding, and Sumer did a great job keeping things edgy rather than super-sweet.

It was a gift to be part of their day, help it run smoothly, and keep things stress-free for their sweet family.

Did I mention that they’re two of the most thoughtful people I’ve gotten to work with? And I loved getting an inside look at their precious relationship dynamic and how well they balance each other out.

Fabulous vendors who made it happen:

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