Where to begin: Anti-racism


Any journey of growth begins with self-awareness: knowing the truth about ourselves.

At the beginning of an anti-racism journey, we must learn the truth about the place we occupy in society and how it has affected and continues to shape our life and experiences.

Only when we’ve learned what being White means for us personally can we take steps toward reconciliation.


Some people view learning as a chore; others find the truth to be a threat to be avoided at all costs.

I prefer to consider learning an adventure, believing that we never “arrive” and have nothing to fear from the truth (indeed, it sets us free!).

Just like a long hike to see a beautiful view, the quest for truth is worth whatever it costs, and the rewards always outweigh any bumps and bruises along the way.


A good guide takes you where you need to go – but also knows their own limits.

My job is to help you know yourself, give you the tools you need for your journey, and hike the first mile with you.

Thus prepared, I will then hand you off into the capable, expert and trustworthy hands of BIPOC leaders, authors, artists, preachers, and thinkers for the remainder of your journey.

If you have a new awareness of White supremacy woven through the fabric of your life, if you want to begin intentionally honoring your brothers and sisters of color, or if you are starting to know how much you don’t actually know and you want to start learning about the parallel universe that exists for people of color in America, this is Where to Begin. While I am not an expert in any of these areas, I have learned so much on my own anti-racism journey that I believe can point others in the right direction. Knowing how to start can be overwhelming, but less so together.

We will learn and discuss the answers to three questions:

Who are we?
What happened?
How do we respond?

And as no true change – in ourselves or in the world – is possible without the power of Christ, we will spend time in prayer and reflection to allow Holy Spirit to speak conviction and grace to our hearts and minds.

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. . . this was a very thought-provoking, inspiring, convicting course and I’d highly recommend.


Grateful for the space to think and process.

For me an important takeaway from the course was practicing lamentation after learning difficult truth, and consistently taking that to God . . . Thank you for making this course, Emily!

Let's get your journey started.