Financial Accountability

As a White woman teaching about racial justice, it’s important to me to make paying reparations an integral part of my business. Truly, to be able to do so is a dream come true. When you support Where to Begin – whether through affiliate purchases, buying educational products, or paying registration or course creation fees – you also support these important BIPOC-led organizations and businesses.

Be the Bridge

Be the Bridge is a BIPOC-led racial reconciliation organization and also a treasure trove of resources and learning opportunities. It has had a profound impact on my life and racial justice journey.

10% of Where to Begin profits go to BTB.

Osage Nation Higher Education Scholarship Program

My family and I live on Osage land in Ohio, and I pay rent by donating to the Osage Nation Higher Education Scholarship Program.

10% of Where to Begin profits go to the Osage Nation.

Mockingbird History Lessons

Mockingbird is creating history lessons for adults. Marcie is unapologetic about teaching the truth about our country’s history, but does so with disarming gentleness, beauty and strength. These lessons are an invaluable resource and I’m thankful to be able to be a patron.

Goal: Tom-Level Patronage