Canton, Ohio Wedding Planning and Coordination

You’re engaged!

You know your love story. You know who you are. You know what you love.

You aren’t especially interested in doing what everyone else is doing, but want your wedding to be a reflection of your breathtakingly-beautiful-and-uniquely-quirky-selves. 

You’re not afraid to make bold or unexpected choices that will make you and your guests smile. 

You want to focus on your guests and give them an unforgettable experience full of meaningful details. 

You want to be intentional with where and how you spend every penny – on wedding elements that matter to you, supporting wedding professionals who share your values, and toward causes that are close to your heart.

You want your wedding to tell your love story, and be a natural extension of yourselves. 

How will you bring it all together, into a fun, beautiful and unique experience for your loved ones – and actually enjoy a process most people find highly stressful?


Take a deep breath. 

You don’t have to do this alone.

I’m here to listen, and to serve you.

Here’s how we’ll do it.

Meaningful Creativity

Both in the planning process and in the end result, we want to steep your wedding in meaning. The ceremony and celebration we create together will be not only beautiful, but full of your personalities and thoughtful references to important moments in your relationship. 

What do you collect? What holds sentimental value for you? What brings up happy memories? Incorporating these things into your wedding design doesn’t mean your wedding will end up looking like a garage sale. I have a unique knack for combining quirky motifs with traditional wedding elements in a way that perfectly balances beauty, meaningful details, and fun. Your people know your quirks, and love you for them – and they’ll be delighted to discover how we’ve sprinkled unique parts of who you are into the design of your celebration.

I’ll also connect you with the best local, sustainable, women- and BIPOC-owned wedding professionals, so you can be intentional with where you spend each dollar. And, you get to designate which of my chosen non-profits receive 10% of my fee. 

Strategic Efficiency

The shortest point between two points is a straight line. I love the challenge of finding that straight line – which saves you stress, time and money. 

This means your decision-making is made easier because of a focused vision and with me along to act as your objective-opinion-giver.

Creating an efficient wedding weekend master plan reduces the overwhelm for you and the stress on your wedding party, family, and guests.

Designating a custom list of tasks for your coordinator ensures no detail will be overlooked.

My clear and consistent communication with your chosen wedding professionals creates an environment of teamwork towards your goals.

And with me as your advocate, you can be confident that your wedding day will run as smoothly and feel as fun, relaxed, and meaningful as you’ve dreamed it would.

The Process

First, schedule a Coffee & Chat so we can get to know each other, make sure we’ll work well together, and determine which service is best for you and the wedding you’re dreaming of. 

Then, I’ll send you my notes about what we discussed along with a personalized proposal – and pencil you in on the calendar! 

After a week or so, once you and your partner have had some time to discuss your proposal, I’ll check in to see if I’ll have the honor of serving you throughout the wedding planning process. 

Once your contract is signed, you can take a deep breath and know you’ve just given yourself – and your loved ones – the gift of peace and joy. 

wedding coordination, planning & design services

Engagement Kick-Off


If you’re newly engaged and just getting started, this is for you! With the millions of  wedding ideas on Pinterest and hundreds of vendors available to you, knowing where to start can be challenging. I’d love to help you set a budget, narrow down your unique wedding style and design vision, recommend trustorthy local vendors and set you up for success for your engagement and in the wedding planning process.

This service includes:

  • Wedding goals questionnaire
  • Wedding design tips and Q+A
  • Budget worksheet
  • Full planning checklist
  • Local vendor recommendations
  • Wedding design mood board with reference photos and color palette
  • One 2-hour planning meeting
  • Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Assessment credit + premarital mentoring referral

Month-Of Wedding Coordination

On your wedding day, the only things on your to-do list should be eating a fantastic breakfast and saying your vows! You and your loved ones deserve to soak in the beautiful day you’ve created – not spend it running around, tying up loose ends. I make your day run smoothly so you and your people can relax and enjoy it from beginning to end.

Begins 60 days prior to wedding date. 

This service includes:

  • Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Assessment credit & premarital mentoring referral
  • Final-details checklist
  • Two 2-hour final planning meetings
  • Two 15-minute consultation calls
  • Full, detailed wedding weekend timeline for distribution to couple, families, and vendors
  • Customized wedding weekend coordinator task list
  • Communication facilitation with vendors and officiant
  • Access to Essentials and Emergency Kit during wedding weekend
  • Coordination of rehearsal [up to 2 hours]
  • Coordination and management of wedding day [up to 8 hours]
  • Access to add-on services

Full Wedding Planning & Design


The whole shebang.

We’ll work together closely to bring the wedding of your dreams to life by finding the perfect vendors for your unique style and budget, and incorporating the essential characteristics of a beautiful and meaningfully creative wedding: simple, natural, personal, nostalgic. Then, we’ll coordinate and manage your wedding weekend down to the last detail so you can show up, say your vows, and enjoy the best party of your life!

Micro-wedding planning options available.

Begins 12+ months from wedding date. 

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Planning Products

There’s no need to be overwhelmed! Download my The Big Three vendor hiring worksheet, The Big List full master planning checklist, and a customizable, interactive budgeting tool to get your wedding planning started off on the right foot – and feel confident throughout the whole process!

Ok, I’m not actually in a box.

Don’t think hiring a month-of coordinator is for you? Have a super-organized, bossy-but-friendly friend or family member who wants to serve you in this way?

I got you covered! Wedding Coordinator In A Box is everything I use (and everything they’ll need!) to pull off a blissful and efficient wedding weekend:

  • Couple’s Questionnaire
  • Month-Of Final Checklist Template
  • Wedding Day Timeline Template
  • Coordinator Checklist Template
  • Vendor Communication samples
  • Complete 14-page instruction document, including helpful hints
  • 30-minute Q&A mentoring call with ME!

Truly, you’ll be set up for the perfect day.

Schedule your Coffee & Chat today.